MADE KEDOL SUBRATA was born in Gianyar, Bali 1950. Learned to paint under the guidance of the artist Wayan Kaya since he was a little boy. Not only does he paint on canvas, he also does Batik painting, screen painting and event landscape gardening. Many of his paintings decorate the walls of art lovers in Indonesia and abroad.

Kedol, from the ‘SANGGAR DEWATA INDONESIA’ artist group, along with Made Djirna and Made Budhiana, were invited by Christoph Medan Stiftung to visit Switzerland from July to September 1993. He spent his time in Switzerland joining painting workshops and exhibiting some of his work at the Museum of Art in Basel. Visitors to the exhibition were surprised and delighted that Bali, beside it’s traditional art and richness of culture has its own style of modern art.

Selected Exhibitions:


  • Graduated from SSRI Denpasar, won a medal from Regional Authority of Gianyar, Bali.


  • Entered STSRI, ASRI Yogyakarta.


  • Solo Exhibition at Denpasar Museum, Bali.


  • Solo Exhibition at Bali Beach Hotel Sanur, Bali.
  • Exhibition with Agung Suryahadi at TMII, Jakarta.
  • Exhibition with “Sanggar Dewata” at Cipta Niaga Buiding Denpasar, Bali.


  • Group exhibition in Bontang Kalimantan. 1976 : Group exhibition with “Sanggar Dewata” at Puma Budaya, Yogyakarta.
  • Group exhibition with “Sanggar Putih Amri Yahya” at Puma Budaya, Yogyakarta.


  • Grand Illustration / Graphic Exhibition at Seni Sono Yogyakarta.
  • Prizes for:
    • Won the best work at an exhibition for Dies Notalis at STSRI, ASRI Yogyakarta.
    • Won the best graphic at a special graphic exhibition at TMII Jakarta.


  • Exhibition with art party at Art Centre Denpasar, Bali.


  • Grand Exhibition/First Exhibition with “Sanggar Parikesit” Gianyar at Art Centre Denpasar.


  • Initiated and carried on program for young drop onts training them in skill related to : graphie, screen painting, Batik, Gardening, Making Jewellery from wood, Coconut Shell, Shell and Painting.


  • Discovered a process of dying shells.


  • Began to paint actively exhibition with “Sanggar Dewata” at Art Centre Denpasar, Bali


  • Exhibition with “Sanggar Dewata” at Art Centre Denpasar, Bali
  • Exhibition with International Ramayana Conference at STSI Denpasar, Balil


  • Exhibition with “Sanggar Dewata” at the Museum Of Art in Basel, Switzerland. Invited by Christoph Merian Sifting as sponsored.

Paintings Collected by:

* Minister of Education dr Culture, Prof. Dr. Syarff Tajib. * Minister of Education & Culture, Prof. Dr. Daud Yusuf. * Director General of Culture Prof. TB. Mantra. * Governor of Bali, Sukarmen. * Governor of Bali, Prof. TB. Mantra. * Listibya, Bali. * R. Bonnet (Painter). * Bali Museum, Denpasar. * PT. Kresna Karya, Gede Darmawan. * PT. Kresna Karya. * Drs. Abrony Nasution. * Deddy Prawiro Negara. * Dr. Mantred Wum (Germany).