Gunarsa was born in Klungkung, Bali.

LEGONG DANCE by Gunarsa, Oil on Canvas - 100 x 100cm, 2011


Detailed Biography

1966: Designed mural for Bali Beach Hotel, Sanur and Hotel Indonesia,Pelabuhan Ratu, West Java (signed by President Soekano)
1970: Founded "Sanggar Dewata Indonesia", Yogyakarta, Java
1972: Married Indrawati
1973: Birth of the daugther Luh Estiti Andarawati
1975: Birth of the son Gede Artison Andarawata
1976: Received doctorate from the Academy of Fine Art (ASRI), Yogyakarta, lava
1977: Until now appointed as a supervisor and visiting professor at the Denpasar Institute Art
1979: Becomes a member of the Indonesian Artists Association
1981: Visited Washington, New York, Chicago and San Francisco, USA, under the sponsorship by the United States Information Service
1981: Lectured at Columbia University, New York, USA
1984: Visited Sydney, Canbera, Melbourne, Australia sponsored by an Australian film company
1987: Appointed Professor at the Institute of Fine Art (ASRI), Yogyakarta, lava
1988: Painted mural for the Jefferson Conference Building, Honolulu, Hawai, USA
1988: Birth of Komang Artisti Sekar Linuih
1988: Participated the meditaton course for spiritual develoment at the "Saibaba Ashram", Purtapati, Bangalore, India
1988: Drawings seleted by Lufthansa Airlines as lithographs (Jakarta, Java)
1989: Founded Museum of Contemporary Indonesian Fine Art in Yogyakarta; opened by the Governor of Yogyakarta, Sri Paku Alam VIII.
1990: Founded Museum of Classical Balinese Painting in Klungkung, Bali
1991: Contruction of the Sculpture ‘Dharma Wangsa Murti’, Klungkung, Bali; inagurated by Cokorda Gede Agung
1991: Organized and participate "Sanggar Dewata Indonesia" Exhibition in Yogyakarta, Jawa
1992: Started in an advert for "Master Credit Card", produced by Master Card International, New York
1994: Received order for a sculpture and a diorama for the "Puputan" monument, Klungkung, Bali; inaugurated by Minister of Public Affairs, Rudini
1994: Founded "Museum of Classical Balinese Painting" in Kungkung, Bali; opened by the Minister of Culture and Education, Mr Wardiman Djojonegoro
1994: Received the order for the sculpture "Dharmawangsa" inaugurated by the Governor of Bali, Ida Bagus Oka
1997: Becomes chairman of the Commitee of Art and Culture (LISTIBYA), Klungkung, Bali
1997: Heads the delegation of the Governor of Klungkung to establish the partnership of the cities of Klungkung and Florence
1999: Donated "Nyoman Gunarsa Prize" to the University "Sebelas Maret" in Solo, lava
1999: Organized an Exhibition for the Indonesia Institute of Art, Yogyakarta in Bali; sponsored by Museum Seni Lukis Klasik Bali
1999: Becomes chairman of the Association of the Museums in Bali (HIMUSBA) by the Governor of Bali
2000: Organized the Exhibition: "3rd Millenium" of the "Sanggar Dewata Indonesia" in Museums in Bali
2000: Organized an Exhibition for the art departement of the University "Sebelas Mare’ in Solo; held in the Museum Seni Lukis Klasik Bali
2002: Donated "Gunarsa Prize" to Institute of Art, Yogyakarta, Java
2002: Nominee for the "Nikki Asia Prize" at Tokyo, Jepang
2003: Supervisor and visiting profesor at ISI Denpasar (since 1977)
2003: Honorary chairman of the commitee of the Bali Art Festival PKB XXV
2003: Nominee for the presidential award "Satya Lencana Kebudayaan" from the President of the Republik of Indonesia Megawai Soekrnoputri

Single Exhibitions

1967: Central Museum "Gedung Gajah", Jakarta, lawa
1968: Jakarta Arts Council; opened by Umar Khayam
1971: British Council, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; opened by Mr. Imam Abikusno, the Vice Ambasador for Indonesia
1972: British Council, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; sponsored by the Frank Sullivan Gallery
1977: Art Center, Denpasar, Bali
1979: Art Center, Denpasar, Bali; sponsored by Bali Art Council; opened by the Governor of Bali, Prof. Ida Bagus Mantra
1981: Association Indonesia America (LIA), Jakarta, opened by the American Ambassador Mrs. Allene Masters
1981: Gallery Zjelona, Gora, Poland
1981: Acossiation Indonesia America (LIA), Washington
1984: Worsens International Club, Jakarta, Java; organized by Garreta Lamore
1984: Solander Gallery, Canberra, Australia; sponsored by Joy Warren; opened by Agus Marpaung, Indonesian Ambasador for Australia
1985: "Gallery 2000", Gravenhage, Holland; opened by Mr. Kadarisman, Indonesian Ambasador for the Netherlands
1986: Residence of the American Ambasador, Paul Wolfowitz, Jakarta (for American Field Study)
1987: Chase Manhattan Bank, Jakarta, opened by Paul Wolfowitz, American Ambasador for Indonesia
1987: Erasmus Huis, Jakarta, Java; opened by Minister for Social Affairs, Prof. Dr. Hariyati Subadio
1988: "Seni Sono", Art Gallery, Yogyakarta, Java
1991: Arcade Gallery, Old Oakland, San Fransisco, USA; organized by Garreta Lamore
1992: Blance Gallery, Osaka and ISM, Hamamatsu, Japan; sponsored by Agung Rai Gallery
1996: Opera Gallery, Singapore
1997: Opera Gallery, Paris, France
1998: Hamburgische Landesbank, Germany; sponsored by Gallery Voelker
1998: Kieler Landesbank, Germany; sponsored by Gallery Voelker
1999: Hore Hore Cafe, Jakarta, Java
2000: Malinda Gallery Park Mall, Singapore
2000: Graha Niaga; Jakarta, Java; opened by In Sutrisno, ex.Vice President of RI
2001: Touring exhibition New York, San Fransisco, USA and Berlin, Germany
2001: Malinda Gallery, Dempsey Road, Singapore; opened by the Prime minister’s brother, Goh Choo Tong
2002: Piazza Art Gallery, Sausalito, San Fransisco, USA; opened by Claire Fisher
2002: Agama Art Gallery, New York, USA
2003: Malinda Gallery, Dempsey Road, Singapore;

Joined Exhibitions

1962: Academy of Fine Art (ASRI), Yogyakarta
1963: Group exhibition in a Christian Church, Yogyakarta, Java; organized by Mahmud Jaya
1963: Museum Sono Budoyo, Yogyakarta, Java
1965: Museum Sono Budoyo, Yogyakarta, Java
1973: "Young International Artist", New York, USA
1979: International exhibition for ASEAN Artist, Cipta Gallery (TIM), Jakarta, Java
1979: "Mahasabha Hindu Dharma" at the Art Center, Denpasar, Bali
1979: Asian exhibition in Tokyo, Japan; sponsored by Departement of Education and Culture
1980: "Sanggar Dewata Exhibition", Mitra Budaya, Jakarta; opened by the American Ambassador Mrs. Aliene Masters
1980: ASEAN exhibition in Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia; sponsored by the Department of Art and Culture, Jakarta
1980: International exhibition in Fukuoka Museum, Tokyo, Japan
1980: Singapore Art Festival at Nan Nyang University,Singapore
1980: Nusantara Gallery, Warsawa, Poland
1982: "Sanggar Dewata Indonesia", at the Association Indonesia America, Jakarta
1982: Bali Arts Festival at the Art Center, Denpasar

1983: Gallery Ostrow,Wielkopolski, Poland
1983: Pita Art Gallery, Poland
1983: "Modern Indonesian Paintings" from the collection of A. Vawizyniak at the Sieradz District Museum, Poland
1983: Binnale, Sao Paulo, Brazil
1983: Yogyakarta Art Prestige at Puma Budaya, Indonesia
1983: Bursa Art Fesival, Mandarin Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia
1983: Great Exhibition of Borobudur, lava, Indonesia
1984: Ancol Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
1987: Art Communication Forum, exhibition with Suwaji FSRD Yogyakarta, Java
1988: Exhibition in East West Center, Honolulu, Hawai; sponsored by Neka Museum
1989: Touring exhibition through Holland, England, France and Germany; sponsored by Department of Art and Culture, Jakarta
1990: Rudana Art Gallery, Ubud, Bali; opened by the Governor of Bali Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra, (toghter with Affandi and Widayat)
1990: "Sanggar Dewata Indonesia", Art Center, Denpasar, Bali; opened by Governor of Bali Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra
1990: REstrospective exhibition, Outs Fine Arts Foundation, Jakarta; organized by Didier Hamel
1991: "KIAS", Contemporary Indonesian Art in America; organized by Joseph Fisher
1991: International Monetary Fund, Washington DC. USA; organized by Pamela Noensie.
1991: Organized and Participate in "Sanggar Dewata Indonesia" exhibition in Yogyakarta, Java
1992: Asian International Art Exhibition VII, Gedung Merdeka, Bandung, Indonesia
1993: International Hindu Federation Conference, at the Art Center, Denpasar, Bali
1993: "PAKIB" Netherlands; under the guidance of Helena Spanyaard
1996: Le Merridien Hotel, Jakarta, opnened by Tien Soeharto (together with Jeihan Srihady)
1997: GN OTA at the Holliday Inn, Jakarta, Java
2000: Indonesian PAainters in Shangrilla Hotel, Jakarta
2000: Group exhibition in Bernkasteler Aula Gebaude, Bonn Germany
2001: Sahid Hotel, Kuta, Bali
2003: Bali Art Festival PKB XXV, Denpasar


1962: Prize for he best sketch by the Academy of Fine Art (ASRI), Yogyakarta
1976: "Pratisara Affandy Adikarya" Prize from Academy of Fine Art (ASRI), Yogyakarta
1978: "Best Indonesian Paintings" from the Dewan Kesenian Jakarta (DKJ)
1980: "Best Indonesian Painting" from the Jakarta Arts Council (TIM), Jakarta
1980: "Gusti Nyoman Lempad" prize from Sanggar Dewata Indonesia, Yogyakarta
1981: "Best Painting" from Dewan Kesenian, Jakarta
1988: Bronze medal at the "Art Biennale" in Yogyakarta
1989: "Selected Painting" at the Biennale 8, DK!
1991: Honored by the Indonesian Goverment for the participation of KIAS
1993: Honored by the Indonesian Goverment for the participation of PAKIB
1994: "Dharma Kusuma Prize" from the Balinese Goverment
1996: "Siwa Nataraja Award", from Institute of AL, STSI Denpasar, Bali
2002: "Man of the years 2002" from Journalist Group in Semarang, Central Java
2002: "Anugerah Seni" from Klungkung government