About the Collection

Bali is a culture steeped in artistic tradition. Bali is known for its atelier system for art apprenticeship. Multi-generational families specialize in a particular medium – paintings, wood and stone carvings, furniture making, jewelry, performing arts, dance, costume making – similar to ateliers in Europe during the Middle Ages and Renaissance period – where the master hands his knowledge to the next generation.

The Balinese are a highly spiritual people whose perspective on the world is colored by their religious beliefs, which include a rich canvas of rituals to guide daily life. Art is a manifestation of their relationships with ancient spirits and the Hindu Gods who oversee and guide all life. This exhibition is called The Artists’ Magical Eye, to help visitors understand that artists in Bali see the world through a spiritual lens that is almost unimaginable to Western culture.

In the collection presented in this online gallery, you will see depictions of deities and traditional Balinese subjects, but you will also see modern influences merged with those of the magical tradition. All these painting allow you a window into a culture that is in high contrast to our own culture that believes we can control life through the use of science and technology. Perhaps we need to think again.

This rare exhibition in the United States has come about through the cooperation between The Ritz Carlton Club, San Francisco and two long-time Ritz Carlton members, Nancy Elizabeth Shaw and Douglas F. Jaubert, from the St. Thomas Club.

Ms. Shaw has been a board member on the Ritz Carlton Club, St. Thomas board since 2002, becoming the first Emeritus Board Member in 2010. Mr. Jaubert, an artist himself, has worked internationally with private collections, museums, and galleries. They have forged many relationships in the art world serving as the genesis of The Artists’ Magical Eye exhibition.