HERDSMAN by Agus Ery, Oil on Canvas - 100 x 150cm, 2011

HERDSMAN by Agus Ery

Welcome to the Fall 2011 travelling art exhibition from The Artists Magical Eye, an artists collaborative.  This incredible collection of paintings will open in San Francisco, at The Ritz Carlton Club Members’ Lounge in early November, then travel on to Aspen for the winter and Boston in the spring of 2012.

This rare exhibition has come about through cooperation between The Ritz Carlton Club, San Francisco and two long-time Ritz Carlton Club members, Nancy Elizabeth Shaw and Douglas F. Jaubert, from the St Thomas Club.

Comprised of paintings and drawings created by some of the most respected artists in Bali, the collection represents very fine examples of both modern and traditional art using oils, Chinese inks or acrylic.

Works by these artists adorn many private collections as well as the walls of museums and public buildings.  They are fine-artists in the truest sense of the word, whose work has received acclaim and high market value amongst art connoisseurs in Asia and Europe.

The contributing artists have committed to adding new works during the show and into 2012, so if you are looking for a special piece to enhance your décor, please look periodically at the collection, as it will be updated from time to time with new pieces.

The exhibit will be open in the San Francisco Members’ Lounge throughout the holiday season until December 30, 2011, before travelling on to Aspen.

For more information please e-mail enquiries@artistsmagicaleye.com or call Ms. Shaw directly at 617-947-5615.